Can I appeal to the commission?

Any individual having his principal residence in France, whatever his nationality, may apply to the Banque de France.

On the other hand, if you are a craftsman, merchant or liberal profession, the commission of overindebtedness is not entitled to treat your file, even if your request concerns non-professional debts .

You must be in good faith. If you make a false declaration or if you falsified documents during the constitution of your file, your application will be considered inadmissible.

Namely : the individuals who reside in Alsace as well as the inhabitants of the Moselle benefit from a specific regime.

How to build an over-indebtedness file?

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You must first obtain a form ( Ref Cerfa No. 13595 * 01 ). You can either download the document directly on the website of the French administration (the link is provided at the end of the article) or go to the offices of the Bank of France closest to your home.

Several reception and information offices are also available in each department.

The over-indebtedness file is 11 pages long and it may be helpful to help you. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a social worker. For this, you can inquire at the social services of your town hall. You are asked to provide all the supporting documents related to your financial situation. Do not give an incomplete file. You would only lengthen the time of the proceedings.

If some documents are more in your possession, ask for duplicates from the services concerned (administrations, credit organizations, banks …). Specify that your debt situation is an emergency to receive the documents as soon as possible. In addition, you must enclose a letter in which you expressly request the assistance of the over-indebtedness commission. Below you will find a template that you can reproduce and use.

Letter model

Remember to date and sign your letter, attach it to your file. Send it to the departmental commission by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt (you will find the address on the Banque de France website or in the yellow pages).

Response time

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Upon receipt, the over-indebtedness commission will send you a proof of deposit. From then on, she will register for the FICP (payment incident file). The members will meet and decide whether your application is admissible or not. The answer will be sent to you in writing. The response time may be longer or shorter.If, however, no decision was made after three months, interest on your outstanding loans will be reduced for a period of one quarter at the legal interest rate (0, 04% for 2013).