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The non-banking loan has become an increasingly popular financial product in recent months. Indeed, it is much easier to get a payday than a bank loan. If we are interested in free moments, the Smart Loan service has a very interesting offer. 
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Although it is a company operating on the financial market for only 5 years, it has earned the trust of many clients.

Business Smart loan
Free loan limit 600 PLN
Loan period 30 days
The possibility of extension YES
The cost of extension for 30 days PLN 189
Registration fee 1 penny
Time of loan 15 minutes
Rating 6/10
Place in the ranking 8

A very interesting strategy chosen by the Smart Loan loan company is to provide promotional discounts to customers who are not going back to this loan service for the first time. The company really comes from BiaƂystok, but its activity is based primarily on the provision of Internet loans.

How do I get a free loan at Smart Loan?

How do I get a free loan at Smart Loan?

People who use Smart Loan for the first time can count on a free time card. For this purpose, they do not have to complete special or separate applications. Because their data is automatically verified in this respect.

At the beginning you need to register on the Smart Loan website. In subsequent stages, the customer is verified by sending a symbolic penny to the lender’s account. Then the borrower should set himself up to talk to a consultant. But still, we should not avoid the subject of our credit history anyway. Just in the case of the Smart Loan service, we are carefully checked in the National Debtors Register as well as in the database.

After positive verification, we can safely apply for a specific amount that interests us. If we have an account in the same bank as the Smart Loan company, the money will be credited even within 15 minutes.

Extending the repayment date

Extending the repayment date

Customers can be satisfied with the fact that Smart Loan gives the opportunity to extend the payment deadline. After all, not everyone can predict all the situations that can happen even in the near future. And if it really happens that the client does not make up with the previously agreed date, he can always use the lifeline, which is to extend the repayment period. You also have to set yourself the right costs. For a loan worth PLN 600, they look like this:

– extension of the deadline by 10 days – PLN 129

– extension of the deadline by 20 days – PLN 159

– extension of the deadline by 30 days – PLN 199

Unfortunately, extending the deadline by another month for Smart Loan is quite expensive. Because it will amount to at least 1/3 of the total hour’s worth. An additional difficulty may be the need to pay this fee when submitting the application.

Consequences of non-repayment of the loan on time

Consequences of non-repayment of the loan on time

Smart Loan is not indifferent to customers who, unfortunately, do not pay their fare on time. Therefore, he uses different methods, used by other non-banking institutions, to recover his money. Such methods include sending a prompt in the first place:

– 16 first prompts – PLN 4.50 each

– 3 more prompts – PLN 29.00 each

– the last prompt – PLN 59.00

If the prompts are not helpful, the debtor may expect to collect, enter his data into databases in institutions such as Retrodatabase. And the final step is court proceedings. At the same time, the clients must be prepared for the fact that the only option would not be their penalty interest, is to extend the repayment period. Unfortunately, Smart Loan does not give a chance to spread payday loans into smaller installments. Therefore, you can not count on such an opportunity.