Non-bank Companies Provide Loans Without Certificates


Getting a bank loan is not the easiest task, because the loan process can be very complicated. The more you want to get, the more it can be expanded. This is particularly true for mortgages. This involves establishing a security for the bank by entering a mortgage into the Land and Mortgage Register in the nearest district court. It is time-consuming and requires extensive documentation. The era of simple loans for evidence, acquired in a bank, has ended and now the banks do not grant credit if they do not check the financial situation of the client beforehand.

kredyt bez zaswiadczen

Loans without certificates are available only in non-bank companies. In the case of banks, this happens very sporadically and concerns only long-term clients with a good history of cooperation with the bank. Why are the certificates so needed?

Risk related to the loan

The economic crisis has shown that banks have granted loans even to people who are unable to pay their debts, i.e. installments with interest. Due to this, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, which supervises banks, has tightened the rules for granting loans. While until 2012 a large number of banks provided loans as evidence, without additional certification, nowadays, such loans are rarely granted by banks. This is related to the fact that banks want and must maintain low credit risk. Thus, they can not grant loans to clients whose financial situation has not been checked. A client applying for a loan must submit many documents confirming its solvency. The necessary documentation includes employment certificates and earnings generated during the month. If the client does not work full time, but has his own business, he will have to provide copies of contracts with contractors, PIT from the previous year, an account statement from a few months back and other documents required by the bank. Usually, each bank presents the client with a list of certificates that must be submitted by him before a credit decision is made.

decyzja kredytowa

In addition, in line with KNF’s recommendations, banks must check the credit history of clients in the BIK list. This is to help in assessing the risks associated with granting a loan to a given client. If the client has a good history, he has a chance for financial support, if negative comments are included in BIK, then he may not get a loan. In this situation, the client has a chance to get a loan, more precisely an online loan, in a non-bank company, because it does not involve such a large amount of control and submission of certificates. Many companies still offer so-called loans without bikes, i.e. loans without verification.

How to get a loan from a non-banking company?

pozyczka pozabankowa

Non -bank companies are not subject to KNF control. It frees them from the unpleasant duty to request from the client extensive documentation to issue a credit decision. They can determine the rules that the potential borrower must meet. To be precise, it should be noted that non-bank companies provide cash loans, and not loans in the strictest sense of the word, which can be used for any purpose.

To receive it, all you have to do is fill in a loan application online and submit a statement about your income. You also need a photo ID, preferably identity card. The certification of employment is not a must. Such modest requirements have many non-bank companies, which makes it easier to obtain financial support than in a bank.