We specialize in short-term loans

The new and easy way to get money: a loan for short periods of time.

With the short-term loan, you simply close the gap until the next salary and borrow the required small change for 30 days or more. With that, you have no further problems with a broken car, an unexpected bill or simply with extra pocket money to fly into the next dream vacation!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Short loan for 30 days and more
  • Instant Commitment & Real-Time Editing
  • Lightning fast processing & transfer
  • Despite negative Wallace possible

What are you waiting for? Do not run to the bank branch and wait for your money, but apply for your short-term cash injection with just a few clicks from home!

It’s so easy to apply for your short-term loan

We do without paper and pen. To apply for your short-term credit online and without leaving the couch. And this is how it works:

Step 1: Select the desired loan amount and the term. It’s best to only spend as much money as you need, which makes repayment easier. If you need more, you can always ask again!

Step 2: Complete the short online application. Your information will be treated confidentially at all times. For questions in the application form, it is best to use our built-in help functions to simplify your application.

Step 3: With real-time loan processing, you will receive immediate feedback on your request. The instant confirmation contains information about your desired short-term loan. Upon completion, you will receive the payment by flash transfer in just a few minutes on your account.

Your benefits at a glance

The short-term loan over a few hundred euros has the advantage that it is very quick and easy to apply. This means that no proof of income or salary slip is needed to pay off the loan immediately. The simple examination not only makes the application easier but also gives access to the short-term loan. Because of the small amount and shorter term of the credit check is not as stringent as a bank.

This means that the short-term loan and Wallace are queried. However, it is basically possible to obtain a short-term loan even with a preloaded Wallaceakte. Because for a loan amount of a few hundred euros and a term of 30 days do not have the same tests are driven as in a real estate financing. Thus, new valuation algorithms are used, which enable a loan even in difficult cases.

Simple application and quick check. What else is missing to perfect the offer? The immediate payment! The short-term loan is usually offered with immediate payment, since already in real-time processing a commitment can be granted. Through the use of online ident or online signature, the payment is thus optional via express option (also known as lightning or Blitzkredit )

Your advantages summarized:

  • Simple application: Online, without paper & detours
  • Express processing: instant confirmation in real time
  • Express option: immediate payment in minutes
  • Short term: 30 days to a few months
  • Even with medium creditworthiness: No high income necessary

Our promise: no credit? No costs!

  • No pre-costs or third-party products
  • No advertising in the mailbox & no telephone terror
  • No dubious financing partner

For whom is a short loan suitable?

Short-term credit until the next salary

Due to the short deadline ( 30 days or 60 days ), short-term credit is worthwhile for cases where the time until the next salary payment has to be bridged. This is necessary, for example, for payments for unforeseen invoices or in special cases such as, for example, a change of job or relocation. The small loan amount can be repaid at the end of the payment period at once so that the loan is also repaid quickly.

Short-term credit without Wallace

Each bank checks the creditworthiness of installment loans by a Wallace query. If the Wallaceakte is preloaded and even a negative entry exists, it becomes difficult for classical banks. In the case of short-term financing, the Wallace is also consulted, but with sufficient creditworthiness (regulated income), lending is also possible despite bad Wallace.

Bridging for students & trainees

Trainees and students have a lower income than employees or even civil servants. Many students have an income, such as a student loan, a second job, or a parent’s allowance, but it is not enough to have a regular online loan from a bank. For such cases, the short credit may be worthwhile, since only a small regular payment on the account can be sufficient to pay off the loan.

What are the requirements for a short loan?

Anyone who wants to borrow money from a bank in Germany must be of legal age. This also applies to a short-term loan. In addition, at least a regular payment on a German bank account is necessary so that the application can be processed immediately. The full requirements that you must meet are as follows:

  • Minimum age: 18 years (of age)
  • A bank account with a German bank
  • Residence in Germany
  • ID document for online degree
  • Laptop or smartphone for online application

Do not wait any longer and secure your short-term loan now!