Getting small loans despite negative Schufa is not as difficult as you think. Although, in particular, coaches do not provide loans because of negative schufa, one can obtain a small loan by other means.

You are looking for a small loan?

You are looking for a small loan?

We show you how to get a small loan quickly and safely!

Private individuals give small loans

If you need a small loan of a maximum of 3000 euros, you can apply for a loan without Schufa from private individuals. These can be found, for example, at Smava. There, a small loan can be applied for quickly. This is processed after just a few hours, as soon as a suitable private person has decided to grant the loan. The money can then be transferred to the account within 48 hours.

Why do private individuals give out small loans?

Why do private individuals give out small loans?

Especially with a small credit line, private individuals do not have to fear much. In addition, you demand high interest rates, which is why lending is worthwhile for them, despite negative schufa.

Can private lenders look into the German Schufa system?

No! Private individuals can not access the German Schufa system. Therefore, the Schufa entry is not included in the credit check.

Do I have to meet other requirements in order to get a small loan despite negative Schufa?

Yes! Criteria such as age of majority, German residence and fixed income play a role here.

Is a minimum wage required?

Depending on the provider, proof of a minimum income of 750 gross can be demanded.

I have no income – can I still apply for a loan?

I have no income - can I still apply for a loan?

Yes! Even without income it is possible to get a loan. For this you need a guarantor who will pay for the loan in case of non-payment. Often, a guarantor is sought in the immediate circle of acquaintances or in the family. After all, it has to be someone you can rely on and who also puts your trust in the borrower.

What do I have to specify for a credit application for a small loan for data?

For now, only information that serves the credit is requested. These amount to the loan amount and the reason of the loan. If a suitable private person wants to take over this loan, you will first be sent an e-mail with the further steps. Subsequently, only personal data (such as first name, income, etc.) are transmitted.

Conclusion: small loan despite negative Schufa

  • Payment within 48 hours possible
  • Schufa entries are not considered
  • uncomplicated loan request
  • free and without obligation
  • Small loans no problem