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Germany cheapest car loan

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Together with the constant increase in prices for new vehicles, prices for good used vehicles have picked up. The credit for the used car is therefore hard to avoid. The article deals with the various offers for vehicle financing.

Credit for the used car – choose the right offer

Credit for the used car - choose the right offer

The credit for the used car can come from different sources. The dealer financing lures with favorable rates for balloon loans. Depending on the age of the vehicle, however, these offers should be considered rather suspicious. Not every balloon loan guarantees follow-up financing. Without this guarantee, it is a risk to opt for just a little older vehicles. When the graduation rate is due, potential financiers are already very much aware of the age of the vehicle. If it is too old, then it can hardly serve as security for the financing. At this moment only the own creditworthiness for the credit is available. Favorable interest rates, as is customary in vehicle financing, are barely to be found.

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Credit for the new car 

For example, the balloon loan may still be interesting for very “young used people”, but for older vehicles a normal installment loan is better. If you are dependent on small installments, you should take full advantage of the maximum term of the loan offers. Thus, the interest rate increases somewhat. Thus, the credit for the used car can be safely repaid to the final payment in equal installments.

The provider comparison is always worthwhile

Of course, the dealers like to offer their loans for the used one at the same time. However, they can not always make the best deals on interest rates. A credit for the used car, which can be at a lower interest rate from a direct bank from the Internet. Who uses this source of funding, can save twice. To the favorable conditions of the Internet credits comes the cash payment discount at the dealer.

With a little-negotiating skills can be achieved even with “used” significant price advantages in cash. To get an overview of the possible negotiating room, there is again helpful Google. The purchase prices of the dealers can be determined so easily. The advertised price relativizes itself quickly, if the dealer notices that its counterpart really knows. Incidentally, the price information found on the internet refers to an age-appropriate condition of the vehicles. Damage to the vehicle, with which one can often live very well, have an additional price-reducing effect.


With the credit for the used car, there should not necessarily be resorted only to balloon loans with high graduation rates. Against the background that the further financing is not always guaranteed, the balloon loan quickly turns out to be a risk. An installment loan with consistent installment, which is often the better choice. The direct banks on the Internet, which almost always offer the cheapest credit for the used car and also allow to exhaust cash payment discounts.